At Infable Socks we believe that people are good, caring, and loving regardless of the silos that the world seems to place us in.

We believe that indifferent of where you live in the world, your socio-economic status, education level, political beliefs, or where you are on your faith journey – that we all care and have a connection to a cause.

The reason that we feel that it is necessary to focus on these causes – is because, in a world that is so divided, we want to focus on what brings us together, unites and connects the human spirit to something greater than the stuff that gets in the way of us helping, caring, and loving each other better.

Join us on this journey to prove that we are better and stronger standing alongside one another – walking life’s difficult path together than we are divided, or just disconnected.We hope that regardless if you choose to buy a pair of our socks – that you make a commitment to helping, caring and loving those around you a little better



The “sun in the circle” represents HOPE. The “heart” represents LOVE. The “spiral thing” represents GRATITUDE.


to sell a well designed – quality product in order to unite humankind in supporting great causes.


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