Who are we?

  1. What is INFable? in·ef·fa·ble



too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

  1. Where did we get the name from? My son, wife and I were tossing out one word names that had great meaning. And after several words we landed on Ineffable – which means too great to be expressed in words.

My son Courtland used his artist abilities to craft the logo – purposefully leaving an E and an F off of it.

  1. Based in Michigan – Nationwide? The great thing is since we are an E-commerce store instead of a brick and mortar – we are hoping that our brand is shared around the world.

We have already secured interest from Athletes, Models, Authors, Bloggers, Podcasters, Entrepreneurs, Actors and Actresses – and many more from throughout the world that are interested in modeling our socks. So our vision is that people are captivated by supporting a cause.

  1. The next cause? Wow, there are so many that are very close to our heart from Mental Illness, Heart Disease, Cancer and many more.

Picking a cause is the hardest part – because you want to help everyone. We are hoping that Not-for-profits will connect with us – so that they can be instrumental in the creative process.

  1. Our Goal? Our goal is multifaceted. First, we want to create an environment where we create unity. There is so much divisiveness in the world – so much that separates people and we want to focus on bringing people together. And showing the best of humanity.

Secondly, we want to be successful so we send a lot of money to the causes we are advertising / supporting. We believe that one of the greatest opportunities in life comes from being generous. And it’s no surprise since we are located in one of the most giving cities in the country.

And lastly, we want to sell a nicely designed – quality product that catches people’s attention, and attracts them in feeling comfortable being their fashionable self – whatever style that may be.

Everyone is unique, and has their own since of fashion, and we applaud the eccentricities in all of us in expressing ourselves.

Your friend,


John F. Hendershot